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A rich history

New England Hotel Motel is located in the heart of Walcha in the New England region of NSW. Established in 1881, New England Hotel Motel’s pub and accommodation is ideal for locals, travellers passing through the region or workers staying for a while.

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New England Hotel Motel was originally founded in 1881 by Charles Henry Moore. Formerly known as Livingston’s Stores, the building was thoroughly renovated and improved in order to make it second to none in the New England district.

In 1894, the hotel had 15 rooms and the outbuildings included a 6-stall stable, 7 loose boxes, a groom’s room and a small paddock to keep horses.

In 1907, major alterations were made with Peter Lentz was the owner and Sarah Ann Moore the licensee. Among other alterations, the pair raised internal ceilings,  revealed varnished oak rafters and had the walls re-papered with rich colours. The hotel was described as the most luxurious and comfortable appearance.

The 1920s was another exciting decade for New England Hotel Motel, as the whole rear of the building was demolished and newer, more modern structures added.

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By 1968, New England Hotel Motel was almost unrecognisable with the two-storey extension that you’ll see at the hotel today. At this time, the Chinese Restaurant had been opened and the space was a hub for both locals and travellers alike.

Since then, New England Hotel Motel has undergone further refurbishment with the addition of a beer garden and courtyard, replacing what was formerly an open courtyard. We look forward to you seeing our beautiful, historic pub and taking in its rich past.

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New England Hotel Motel has everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Contact us today to book your reservation or pop in and join us for a drink!